Not receiving your verification code or getting an error message when you enter it? These tips can help resolve some of the most common verification code issues we encounter.

Be sure you are using Chrome or Safari as your browser.

Refresh your browser or open a new incognito/private browser session before retrying to log in.

  • US users can text START to 80578 to resume any SMS service that may have been stopped previously

  • If you're not receiving a verification code, try restarting your phone to refresh network activity

    • Wait up to 30 minutes. Codes can take up to 30 minutes to be delivered in some cases.

    • Request a new code. If you have not received your code after 30 minutes, try requesting another code.

  • If you are using T-Mobile or Sprint, you may have success by texting 'ALLOW 80578' to 9999 (US only)

    • For further assistance contact your mobile carrier. Let them know you want to authorize your number to receive SMS from 80578.

  • If you are entering a verification code but receiving an error, request a new code and enter it as soon as you receive it. The code will expire after a short time for security purposes.

If you're still unable to login, contact GoGetDoc support

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