US based and international VaxYes users may upload any official vaccine record. Our system is trained to recognize and read a CDC vaccine card, but other forms of documentation are acceptable.

Be sure that any documentation you choose to provide includes the name and birthdate of the vaccinated individual, vaccine brand, dates administered, lot numbers if provided.

A SMART QR is also acceptable -- some municipalities, states, and countries have provided this digital option to their residents. A SMART QR will require additional review by our team. Other proprietary QR codes may not be verifiable by our system.

When prompted in the chat, take a photo of your vaccine document, or upload a screenshot if it was provided digitally. If taking a photo, please be sure it is clear, well lit and in focus. Be sure that the spelling, names, and date of birth on your vaccine documentation match your government issued ID.

The following image file types are supported: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, HEIC (an iPhone specific photo format). PDFs are not supported.

For assistance converting PDFs, check out this article.

If you submit alternative vaccine documents, please reach out to [email protected] for manual Level 2 verification.

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