VitalsBot is the quick and easy way to measure your vitals with just your phone's or computer's front-facing camera.

What you need:

  • A mobile device; iPhone (iOs 15.2 or higher) or Android (Android version 8.1 or higher)

  • Ensure battery level is above 20% and not in power-save mode and that your camera lenses are clean and unscratched

Set up:

  • During your vitals check, make sure that you’re in a place with good lighting that is evenly distributed

  • Ensure that there is no light source behind you and that the camera nor the area in the frame is exposed to direct sunlight

  • Avoid movement of other persons behind or within your vicinity

  • Avoid highly reflective objects in the surrounding area, including mirrors, glass windows, tables, etc

During your vitals check:

  • Keep your face still and fill the whole frame

  • Make sure your face is fully exposed, ensuring it is not covered by hair or accessories (i.e. mask, sunglasses, hat)

  • Get in a comfortable position, avoid moving or talking throughout the measurement, and remain focused on your screen until the measurement is complete

  • Place your device on a stand about 12 inches away from your face

  • Position the device at forehead height or above, with the camera facing you

  • Sit still during the measurement

Important things to note:

  • Wait 3 minutes between measurements to avoid device overheating

  • For the most accurate reading, take blood pressure after 5 mins of rest

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