Thanks for doing your part to keep your community safe and healthy! This article will show you how to add an additional dose to your VaxYes record. Please note that you are welcome to add as many additional doses or boosters as you'd like; however, your VaxYes pass is only able to display 4 total doses. If you're adding a 5th dose, check out this article for more details.

  • Login to your GoGetDoc account. Click the Wallet tab to view your VaxYes record:

  • Navigate to the certificate of your first dose. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the first dose certificate.

  • Click Add Booster when it appears

  • Follow the prompts in the chat to add your additional dose!

At this time, if you need to update a booster dose's information, you can follow the instructions here: Can I update/fix my booster record?

Pro-Tip: If the "add booster" option doesn't appear, log out of the dashboard, refresh your browser, and log back in. Use Safari on iPhone or Chrome on Android for best results.

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