With your GoGetDoc+ membership, you can get care anywhere, any time.

With your membership, you will have unlimited access to over 1,000 visit types, accessible wherever you have internet.

GoGetDoc+ also offers a connected health experience. With one login, you'll be able to access everything you need for every step of your health journey. No need to track across apps, devices, and physical locations.

Our goal is to remove the barriers between you and better help— you can get care from any device, including your smartphone.

GoGetDoc+ also gives you unlimited access to all of our health tools including the following:

Benefits Checker— Understand your insurance benefits and remaining coverage

VaxYes— Verified Covid-19 vaccine passport

VitalsBot— Accurate key vitals from your phone camera

SymptomBot— Fast and easy Al-powered results for your symptoms

WellPay— Pay any medical bill quickly and easily

Get the best for all of your health needs using your GoGetDoc+ membership. You can learn more and subscribe here.

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