To add your VaxYes pass to your Apple Wallet, you are going to need your iPhone and either Safari or Chrome as your web browser.

  • Go to your GoGetDoc dashboard on your mobile phone and tap Login in the top right corner of your screen

  • Enter your mobile number to receive a one-time code and log in

  • Confirm your birthdate in MM/DD/YYYY format to access your account

  • Click Wallet to view your VaxYes records and QR code!

  • In your GoGetDoc wallet, locate the certificate you'd like to add to your Apple Wallet. You may have to scroll down on the page to find it.

  • Tap the black button that says "Add to Apple Wallet"

  • Your digital pass will generate. You will see a QR code centered on a purple background. At the top of your screen will be two blue buttons, one in each corner. Tap the button that says Add. This will add the pass to your Apple Wallet.

  • Once your VaxYes pass has been added to your Apple Wallet. You can access it by following Apple's Wallet instructions here.

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