Now you can easily update the photo of your vaccine documentation or fix vaccine information by using the Update Record feature in your GoGetDoc dashboard.

Click the Wallet tab to view your VaxYes record:

Navigate down to certificate in need of updating and click the three dots in the top right corner.

Click Update Record to start a chat to update your record.

Click Add Vax Record to take or upload a new photo. You'll be asked for your vaccine details like lot number and date received.

If you would like to add a booster, choose Yes.

If your booster dose is on the image you just provided, choose Yes. If you need to add another photo, choose No and follow the prompts.

We will use the ID you have already submitted. This process is only to update your vaccine record. If you need to provide new ID, please contact [email protected] to have your record removed. You will need to re-register.

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