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You'll chat with Amy, your secure assistant, to login to your GoGetDoc dashboard.

You may notice that we streamlined the login process -- only your mobile number and date of birth are needed to access your record.

Click Wallet to view your VaxYes certificate. Set your language preferences to English or Spanish by clicking the globe icon.

Flip the toggle switch to easily see your VaxYes pass with QR code, or your dose details.

iPhone users can click Add to Apple Wallet to generate a wallet pass. Android users can click the down arrow > Download Pass to save an image of their pass.

Click Details to view the photo of the vaccine record you submitted.

To add a booster dose, click the drop down arrow next to Details, and click Add Booster.

Click Update Record to make changes to your existing vaccine record.

Now you can fix any errors in your vaccine details or upload a new photo of your vaccine record.

Finally, log out when you're finished by clicking your account avatar in the top right corner.

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