(Please note: these instructions are only applicable to your first booster. Using these instructions to add a second booster or any additional boosters will overwrite your first booster. Please follow this guide to add your additional boosters.)

Now you can easily add your booster dose by using the Add Booster feature in your GoGetDoc dashboard.

Once you have added a booster, your full original vaccine record will be shown on one wallet pass that you can present for verification, and the booster dose details will be on a separate card, should you need them at a later date.

Login to your GoGetDoc account. Click the Wallet tab to view your VaxYes record:

Navigate down to the Details button and click the dropdown arrow to see Add Booster.

Once you've added a booster, you can download your booster wallet pass by clicking Add to Apple Wallet for iPhone or clicking the down arrow > Download pass on Android.

Pro-Tip: If the "add booster" option doesn't appear, log out of the dashboard, refresh your browser, and log back in. Use Safari on iPhone or Chrome on Android for best results.

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