SymptomBot uses artificial intelligence to collect and analyze your current symptoms and medical history to offer a preliminary result based on the information you provide.

SymptomBot uses a deep medical knowledge base to narrow down what may be causing your symptoms. It can also provide a recommendation for what you can do next.

Amy, your secure assistant, will chat with you to collect some general health information.

Next, you'll be asked to enter your symptoms. SymptomBot works best when you can provide more than one symptom you're experiencing.

Example: headache, fever, sore throat

Often, typing in a general symptom allows you to search a more in-depth menu of options related to that symptom. Be sure to be specific when selecting your symptoms.

Example: "headache" brings up specific types and locations of headaches

Once you have entered all of your symptoms. SymptomBot will ask you personalized follow up questions and narrow down your potential result.

When the chat is complete, you'll receive a list of possible results and recommendations for next steps.

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